Devblog + Dreamhost? Yes you can!

Devblog + Dreamhost? Yes you can!

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So you're also new here. And maybe you too get a little confused about how to activate your devblog platform. Or you didn't find the CNAME field your Dreamhost panel. Or both (๐Ÿค“).

Well... your problems are over, my friend! 'Cause now you're going to find out how easy it is and not lose as much time as I did (not that it took me hours, far from it... I could just have googled it earlier).

Step one: your devblog

I found out about Devblog at Twitter. The ad took me to this link where I signed up. In order to use my own domain, I just had to access the Dashboard to configure it, but the dashboard was nowhere to be found. That's because the registration was only to hashnode platform, not to Devblog. I figure this out through this post but, as you can see, this is not explicit on the text, you have to read the comments to realize that you have to request the access to the blog platform. And somehow this is done at the same page of the registration.

After I made the request, it took only a few minutes to liberate. And after that, the gear icon โš™ that leads to the dashboard appeared on the upper right corner ๐ŸŽ‰.

Step two: Dreamhost

Managing domains is not something I do regularly, so the first thing I did was hit the "Add Hosting to a Domain / Sub-Domain" thinking I could configure the CNAME in there, after all, I wanted to create a blog subdomain within my domain. I failed.

All you have to do is click on the DNS link just bellow your domain and add a custom DNS record: Add a custom DNS record Just put whatever name you want (blog in my case), change the type to CNAME and add the value informed on your dashboard (I assume it's for everyone). Hit the "Add record now" button and that's it! ๐Ÿป

Step three: Celebrate

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