PHP Conference 2019

PHP Conference 2019

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Last weekend I was in Porto Alegre for the main PHP event in Latin America. It was really cool, feels good to hear great people talk, we feel renovated and motivated to do a better work.

The first day was dedicated to full length courses, I attended one about evolving architecture. It was nice to remember to think about other aspects in development, not only code.

The next two days there were many talks, from which I highlight:

PHP and security: it is possible

Diana Arnos, an awesome brazilian developer, talked about how PHP is famous for not being secure and why we maintain this stigma nowadays, even when the language evolved so much. You can see her presentation at Spearker Deck.

Raising application life cycle maturity

Erico Vasconcelos talked about how we can improve code maturity through testing and performance analysis.

Survival Architecture for Growing Applications

Eduardo Bona presented a talk that could be the continuation of the last one. He talked about standards and good practices in software development.

Develop microservices in PHP, using Expressive + Swoole + ELK stack for logging

Enrico Zimuel explained the pros and cons of microservices and showed us a way to develop it using Expressive and Swoole.

Putting legacy to REST with middleware

Adam Culp teached us about middleware and guided us on how to upgrade an old software using middlewares.

There were other talks about development, architecture, security and the language itself. And all of them narrow down to the same thing in the end: Test, test and test. ๐Ÿ‘

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